Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin

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Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin
Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin

Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin -Henrik Stoltenberg and Paulina Ljubas sought to test their allegiance to one another on the seduction show “Temptation Island VIP,” but they were ultimately unsuccessful. A few months after the shooting, the influencer now appears to be back on cloud nine.Henrik Stoltenberg 25 years old and Paulina Ljubas 30 years old were a hot subject during the previous season of “Temptation Island VIP” .

Almost immediately into the first episodes, it became clear that the ex-“Cologne 50667” actress was attracted to one of the seducers.The grandson of Gerhard Stoltenberg, the CDU leader and former Federal Minister of Defense who passed away in 2001, didn’t waste any of his inheritance, either.

You’ve met this new pal before.

Happiness for Henrik Stoltenberg and Paulina Ljubas did not last long after they left the program together. The two reality stars were constantly teasing each other on social media in the days leading up to the reunion episode. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the couple should no longer be together after this. The blond lad and the model broke up on the most recent episode of “Temptation Island VIP,” bringing with it a huge certainty. In spite of the fact that the 25-year-old looks to be single at the time, the stunning beauty has already found a new companion in Yasin, who put his loyalty to ex-girlfriend Alicia to the test in the third iteration of the famous format.

Paulina’s poop storm

It all went to hell for Paulina once the reunion episode aired. Because she never demonstrated any self-awareness or introspection, which was the primary reason. The Cologne resident then broke down in front of her Instagram fans and friends and reported the sad news. She also made false claims about Henrik’s financial dealings and his history of violence against her. Not long after, Ljubas said he was taking a break from social media. After barely five days, the 25-year-old reported back with a snapshot of a couple.

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long-term partners

Paulina and Yasin’s rumored prior connection was a constant source of speculation for quite some time. In November of last year, a fan asked the basketball player about his relationship status, and he responded, “Happily taken.” In addition, he uploaded a snapshot of the two of them together. The only catch was that an enormous heart emoji obscured his significant other’s face. Paulina’s identity has been established as the culprit. As of now, it is unclear whether Henrik and his ex will continue their feud or if they will decide to put an end to their bitterness and go on.

Henrik Stoltenberg, a German contestant on the 2020 edition of “Love Island,” became a household name that year. Quickly gaining a following thanks to catchphrases like “Bon Schlonzo,” he was heralded as the season’s most entertaining breakout star and was invited to perform in more venues. After appearing on “Celebrities beneath Palm Trees” in 2021, he and his then-girlfriend participated in RTL’s “Temptation Island VIP” in the same year. Following Henrik Stoltenberg’s conviction for hate speech in February 2023, RTL severed ties with him.

A sedition conviction against Henrik Stoltenberg

Henrik Stoltenberg appeared before the Cologne District Court on February 22, 2023, and was fined 15,000 euros for inciting hatred and using anti-constitutional symbols. Stoltenberg will feel the effects of the ruling in more ways than one. RTL severing ties with the grandson of Gerhard Stoltenberg. Former German Defense Minister and CDU politician Gerhard Stoltenberg’s grandson, Henrik, died in 2001. His grandfather, who was 73, passed away from cancer. Except the fact that he was one of the two offspring of the recently dead politician, little is known about Henrik’s father.

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About the mother, we know nothing. The only other member of the family to make an appearance is Karol, Henrik’s brother.And he shows no signs of wanting to continue his grandfather’s political career. On the contrary, he’s probably aiming to become a reality show star. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has been in the spotlight daily since the situation between Russia and Ukraine worsened. Fans of Henrik Stoltenberg are starting to wonder if the two are connected. That question has a negative answer.

The NATO Secretary General is Norwegian, however neither Henrik nor his grandfather have any Norwegian ancestry. In 2020, Henrik Stoltenberg appeared on the “Love Island” show on RTL2. Along with Sandra Janina van der Heide, he placed third in the dating competition. He gained instant notoriety thanks to catchphrases like “Bon Schlonzo” and “Bon Flonzo.” “Celebrities beneath Palm Trees” was 2021’s follow-up reality show format.

A report in “Bild” claims that the Cologne man was booted from the show after getting into a physical altercation with another contestant, Melanie Müller. Daily News said that threatening actions were taken towards the ex-jungle queen. However, viewers never got to see the fight since Willi Herren’s untimely death forced the cancellation of the second season of “Celebrities under Palm Trees.” Starting in November 2021, Henrik Stoltenberg and his then-girlfriend Paulina Ljubas appeared in another garbage format titled “Temptation Island VIP.

Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin

” They put their relationship through its paces for the show, and when both of them cheated, it was time to call it quits. Henrik Stoltenberg introduced Paulina Ljubas, star of “Cologne 50667,” as his new girlfriend at the start of December 2020. But, the couple split up after failing a TV compatibility test. Oral intercourse is suspected to have taken place between the politician’s grandson and another woman before he and the other woman vanished into the bushes. Paulina slept with another man as an act of vengeance.

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Later, it was revealed that Henrik allegedly attempted to hook up with a contestant on yet another reality show.After their breakup, Paulina posted a video to Instagram in which she claimed she had evidence of Henrik’s infidelity. “I have so many voice notes and screenshots that clearly reveal that Henrik basically cheated all the time,” she said.Der frühe Tod von illi Herren erzwang die Absage der zweiten Staffel von „Promis unter Palmen“. Ab November 2021 traten Henrik Stoltenberg und seine damalige Freundin Paulina Ljubas in einem anderen Müllformat mit dem Titel „Temptation Island VIP“ auf.

Sie haben ihre Beziehung für die Show auf Herz und Nieren geprüft, und als sie beide betrogen haben, war es Zeit, es zu beenden. Henrik Stoltenberg stellte Anfang Dezember 2020 Paulina Ljubas, Star aus „Köln 50667“, als seine neue Freundin vor. Doch das Paar trennte sich, nachdem es einen TV-Kompatibilitätstest nicht bestanden hatte. Zwischen dem Enkel des Politikers und einer anderen Frau soll es zu Oralverkehr gekommen sein, bevor er und die andere Frau im Gebüsch verschwanden. Paulina schlief aus Rache mit einem anderen Mann.

Später wurde bekannt, dass Henrik angeblich versucht hatte, sich mit einem Kandidaten einer weiteren Reality-Show zu treffen.Nach ihrer Trennung veröffentlichte Paulina ein Video auf Instagram, in dem sie behauptete, Beweise für Henriks Untreue zu haben. „Ich habe so viele Sprachnotizen und Screenshots, die deutlich zeigen, dass Henrik im Grunde die ganze Zeit geschummelt hat“, sagte sie.

Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin
Henrik Stoltenberg Ex Freundin

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