Christian Constantin Vermögen

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Christian Constantin Vermögen
Christian Constantin Vermögen

Christian Constantin Vermögen – Swiss entrepreneur, architect, and former football goalkeeper Christian Constantin was born on January 7, 1957, in Martigny, Canton of Valais . He runs the Swiss team FC Sion as both owner and president. The media frequently refer to him as “CC.”


Constantin was a goalkeeper who spent 1978 and 1979 with Neuchâtel Xamax and 1979 and 1980 with FC Lugano. With FC Monthey, he retired from football in 1982. He served as FC Sion’s first president from 1992 to 1997, during which time the club won both the Swiss championship and Swiss Cup. Since 2003, Constantin has once again served in this capacity.Constantin has made headlines around the world due to his many disagreements with powerful organizations like UEFA and FIFA. He also drew parallels between Muammar Gaddafi and Sepp Blatter.

After Constantin sold TV marketing rights to sports authorities at a fraction of the going rate in October 2015, he asked that FIFA compensate football clubs financially. He told the press in November 2015 that suspended FIFA president Blatter was being paid about eight million euros per year. He reportedly paid the FIFA Secretary General about €5 million annually.His leadership style has been called “dictatorial” and “eccentric,” and he has been compared to FC Sion.

The Swiss Bernard Challandes, his 28th coach, was fired on February 22, 2011, drawing attention to his penchant for coaching turnover. On August 12, 2016, Constantin made the 37th coaching change by announcing the end of his relationship with Didier Tholot. Constantin stated in an interview with the NZZ that he would be contributing between two and four million Swiss francs annually to the sporting club. He typically contributed about 10% of the club’s budget.

Constantin said that the high turnover of players at FC Sion was due to the transfer balance sheet, which, along with sponsorship and the European Cup, defined the club’s financial health. In 2013, Constantin reported a 6.5 million euro transfer profit. On September 21, 2017, after FC Sion’s league game against FC Lugano, Constantin assaulted Rolf Fringer, a former Swiss national coach and TV analyst. Fringer stated that he will be filing an assault charge with the police. The couple made up by year’s end 2017.

manipulation claims

Referee Sascha Amhof botched a call in a match between FC Sion and Young Boys Bern in March 2016. After the game, Constantin announced that he planned to sue Amhof because he believed the incorrect call amounted to match fixing. Later, he settled on a 25,000 Swiss franc incentive for information on referee wrongdoing. Constantin put the blame for the erroneous call on a plot involving FC Sion in In April 2016, Constantin was fined 5,000 Swiss francs by the Swiss Football League’s Disciplinary Committee for attacking referees, which is against the rules of the Swiss Football Association.

Winter Olympic Games 2026

Constantin, on behalf of FC Sion, established a business in December 2014 to bid on the 2026 Winter Olympics, which would be held in the Swiss canton of Valais. He applied to the cantonal government back in September of 2015. The Valais State Council endorsed the candidacy in November 2015 and presented a recommendation to the Swiss Olympic Association’s Executive Council. In May of 2016, the cantons of Valais and Vaud announced that they will be submitting a combined bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. As of the 22nd of September, 2017, Constantin no longer serves as the Olympic Bid Committee’s Vice President.

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The Ayentian origin of Constantine. At the young age of twenty-two, he established his own architectural firm. Forty people make up the Christian Constantin SA team. The balance sheet shows that his company’s revenue in 2012 was 150 million Swiss francs, but WOZ puts it at 270 million francs. A revenue of 250 million Swiss francs and an asset value of 2 billion Swiss francs were reported for 2014. In 2020, the business publication “Bilanz” projected Constantin’s wealth to be 325 million Swiss francs. He has three kids total; two from his first marriage and one from his second. Barthélémy is FC Sion’s son and the sport director. He recently went through a divorce. His home town is Martigny.

“I’m up to $1,659,000,000.00!”

Constantin Christian has a lot of money. His assets are valued at 275,000,000.00 Swiss Francs, according to the balance sheet. The leader of Sion also disclosed that there are 1,384,000,000,000 acres of land.Christian Constantin, the president of Sion, is 60 years old and arguably the most famous person in the Swiss canton of Valais.The “Imperator of Valais” is a former socialist turned architect from Martigny who is now one of the wealthiest individuals in the canton.
According to the financial statement, CC has a net worth of roughly 275 million Swiss francs. This article is based on an interview with “Weltwoche” in which the CEO of Sion discusses his financial background.

CC: “I began with 50,000 Swiss francs that I had saved as an apprentice and as a footballer.” He used it to purchase some land in the Martigny Croix area. As I put it, “I bought the land from Giovanni Agnelli, who originally wanted to build Fiat’s distribution center for Switzerland near Martigny.”Agnelli relocated the headquarters to Geneva after the Mont Blanc tunnel was constructed. “I took advantage of his blunder to my own benefit. Conveniently situated on the Great Saint Bernard Passage.

Today, Fiat trucks traveling between Turin and Geneva will pass through here. The initial deposit was 50,000 CHF including land registry fees. Every last bit of it.Then CC’s focus shifted to highway building, which coincided with the construction of the Valais motorway. I methodically analyzed the road construction projects, paying special attention to the intersections. I stuck to the motorway. You had to beat everyone else to the right spot, like in the Old West when the railroad was being constructed.CC’s Valais construction site is becoming more valuable as a result of rising land prices. What is the current market worth of Constantine’s building land?

CC: «I know for sure because I recently had to compile something. Please wait. He looks through the files. It’s 1,384,000,000,000 Swiss Francs. There are no mortgages on these properties because I specialize in construction loans and am not a fan of debt. Of course, these are only numbers on paper. You’ll need to invest almost 4 billion Swiss francs before you can begin to appreciate my country for what it’s worth.

made a fortune

Sion’s leader Constantin started with a modest 50,000 Swiss francs and amassed a wealth of over a billion. How did he manage to pull that off?Christian Constantin is undeniably the most eccentric player in Swiss football history. The Martigny-born architect is eager to challenge FIFA and other international governing bodies on FC Sion’s behalf. Constantin doesn’t back down from a challenge, be it from FIFA, SFL, or Rolf Fringer. But where did he get the over 300 million Swiss francs that he used to fund his “toy” FC Sion?

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Martigny is home to Christian Constantin. His father worked as a contractor there, and when he was 13 years old, his mother passed away. He has loved the game of football ever since he was a kid, and he even plays it for fun. But he quickly realizes that the corporate world is a better fit for his skills.”I started with 50,000 francs that I had saved up during my apprenticeship and as a footballer,” he told Blick. Constantin uses this money to make calculated bets on rising land values. He zeroes in on the ongoing construction of a highway through Valais, researching and purchasing property in the areas where heavy machinery will soon be at work.

Christian Constantin Vermögen : 325 Millionen Schweizer Franken(geschätzt)

Christian Constantin Vermögen

To paraphrase: “Like the Wild West”

He becomes wealthy after land values increase. “I stayed on the autobahn. You had to beat everyone else to the right spot, like in the Old West when the railroad was being constructed. His own words put the 2018 value of his construction plot at 1.38 billion Swiss francs. This is equivalent to 25 times the cost of a champion YB squad.Once referred to as a mere speculator by the ” Handelszeitung “, the “Alpine Asterix” is now much more. He heads up one of Valais’s biggest architecture firms, Christian Constantin SA.

He constructed the Migros offices in Valais for 48 million Swiss francs, the Groupe Mutuel headquarters in Geneva for 70 million francs, and even a condominium for Bill Gates in Montreux.How much of the 63-year-old’s wealth he puts into his lawsuits against football governing bodies is unknown. However, it shouldn’t be more than a small percentage of his wealth. For his assault on Teleclub pro Rolf Fringer, Constantin was fined CHF 100,000. This was successfully appealed down to CHF 30,000.

The infamous “accident” with Kriens referee Markus von Känel in 2004 cost him another 60,000 Swiss francs. in dem der CEO von Sion seinen finanziellen Hintergrund bespricht.CC: „Ich habe mit 50.000 Franken angefangen, die ich als Lehrling und als Fussballer gespart hatte.“ Er kaufte damit ein Stück Land in der Gegend von Martigny Croix. Wie ich es ausdrückte: „Ich habe das Grundstück von Giovanni Agnelli gekauft, der ursprünglich in der Nähe von Martigny das Fiat-Vertriebszentrum für die Schweiz errichten wollte.“

Agnelli verlegte den Hauptsitz nach dem Bau des Mont-Blanc-Tunnels nach Genf. „Seinen Patzer habe ich zu meinem eigenen Vorteil ausgenutzt. Verkehrsgünstig gelegen an der Passage des Großen Sankt Bernhard. Heute verkehren hier Fiat-Lastwagen zwischen Turin und Genf. Die Anzahlung betrug 50.000 CHF inkl. Grundbuchgebühren. Jedenfalls ein bisschen davon.Dann verlagerte sich der Schwerpunkt von CC auf den Autobahnbau, der mit dem Bau der Walliser Autobahn zusammenfiel. Ich habe die Straßenbauprojekte methodisch analysiert und dabei besonders auf die Kreuzungen geachtet.

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Ich bin auf der Autobahn geblieben. Man musste alle anderen an der richtigen Stelle schlagen, wie im Wilden Westen, als die Eisenbahn gebaut wurde. Die Walliser Baustelle des CC wird durch steigende Grundstückspreise immer wertvoller. Wie hoch ist der aktuelle Marktwert des Baulandes von Constantine? CC: „Ich weiß es genau, weil ich kürzlich etwas kompilieren musste. Warten Sie mal. Er durchsucht die Akten. Es sind 1.384.000.000.000 Schweizer Franken. Für diese Immobilien gibt es keine Hypotheken, da ich auf Baukredite spezialisiert bin und kein Freund von Schulden bin.

Das sind natürlich nur Zahlen auf dem Papier. Sie müssen fast 4 Milliarden Schweizer Franken investieren, bevor Sie beginnen können, mein Land so zu schätzen, wie es wert ist.

ein Vermögen gemacht

Sions Anführer Constantin startete mit bescheidenen 50.000 Franken und häufte ein Vermögen von über einer Milliarde an. Wie hat er das geschafft? Christian Constantin ist unbestreitbar der exzentrischste Spieler in der Schweizer Fußballgeschichte. Der in Martigny geborene Architekt ist bestrebt, im Namen des FC Sion die FIFA und andere internationale Dachverbände herauszufordern. Constantin schreckt vor keiner Herausforderung zurück, sei es von FIFA, SFL oder Rolf Fringer. Doch woher hatte er die über 300 Millionen Franken, mit denen er sein „Spielzeug“ FC Sion finanzierte?

Martigny ist die Heimat von Christian Constantin. Sein Vater arbeitete dort als Bauunternehmer und als er 13 Jahre alt war, starb seine Mutter. Seit seiner Kindheit liebt er das Fußballspiel, und er spielt es sogar zum Spaß. Doch schnell merkt er, dass die Unternehmenswelt besser zu seinen Fähigkeiten passt.„Ich habe mit 50.000 Franken angefangen, die ich während meiner Lehre und als Fussballer gespart hatte“, sagte er zu Blick. Mit diesem Geld setzt Constantin gezielt auf steigende Grundstückswerte. Er konzentriert sich auf den laufenden Bau einer Autobahn durch das Wallis, recherchiert und kauft Immobilien in den Gebieten, in denen bald schwere Maschinen im Einsatz sein werden.

Um es anders auszudrücken: „Wie der Wilde Westen“

Er wird wohlhabend, wenn die Grundstückswerte steigen. „Ich bin auf der Autobahn geblieben. Man musste alle anderen an der richtigen Stelle schlagen, wie im Wilden Westen, als die Eisenbahn gebaut wurde. Den Wert seines Baugrundstücks bezifferte er nach eigenen Angaben im Jahr 2018 auf 1,38 Milliarden Schweizer Franken. Das ist der Gegenwert.“ bis zum 25-fachen der Kosten eines YB-Meisterkaders.Einst von der „Handelszeitung“ als bloßer Spekulant bezeichnet, ist der „Alpen-Asterix“ heute viel mehr.

Er leitet eines der größten Walliser Architekturbüros, Christian Constantin SA. Er baute die Migros-Büros im Wallis für 48 Millionen Franken, den Hauptsitz der Groupe Mutuel in Genf für 70 Millionen Franken und sogar eine Eigentumswohnung für Bill Gates in Montreux.Wie viel von dem Vermögen des 63-Jährigen er in seine Klagen gegen Fußballverbände investiert, ist unbekannt. Allerdings sollte es nicht mehr als ein kleiner Prozentsatz seines Vermögens sein. Für seinen Angriff auf Teleclub-Profi Rolf Fringer wurde Constantin mit einer Geldstrafe von 100.000 Franken belegt.

Dagegen wurde erfolgreich Berufung bis auf CHF 30.000 eingelegt. Der berüchtigte „Unfall“ mit Kriens-Schiedsrichter Markus von Känel im Jahr 2004 kostete ihn weitere 60.000 Franken.

Christian Constantin Vermögen
Christian Constantin Vermögen

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